Lakeland Zombie Fest 2015

Welcome to the factory. Each year new terrors are brought forth from the darkness within and manifest themselves into your worst nightmares. The Tampa Bay Horror Factory is Tampa, Florida’s premier haunted attraction destination. What terrors await for you inside its doors. Step right in, but beware, you may never step out again.

The clowns are back in town and this time there will be no escape! The rhythm ensnares your mind and lures you deeper within. With every beat of the music your pulse quickens and you begin to panic. The clowns have a new show planned and you are the star! In this big top no one will hear you scream, so run for your life as you experience, CARNEVIL: UNLEASHED. Twice the size, twice the nights, twice the terror!

Carnevil: Unleashed returns to Lakeland Zombiefest with an all new maze for the events all new location at the Sun N’ Fun grounds. This year The terror is on a whole new level and you are invited to come and share in the screams.

Friday October 16th 7PM-11PM  (Haunt only special event night )

Saturday October 17th 2PM-11PM (main event day)


Admission to the haunt this year is six tickets ($6) and purchasable at the admission box office of the event.  Lakeland Zombiefest admission sold separately and required to enter the event. Join us for a night of terror, screams, and fun.