Welcome to the factory. Each year new terrors are brought forth from the darkness within and manifest themselves into your worst nightmares. The Tampa Bay Horror Factory is Tampa, Florida’s premier haunted attraction destination. What terrors await for you inside its doors. Step right in, but beware, you may never step out again.

For the 2016 season Carnevil returns for its final gruesome year in Carnevil: Condemned.

Fifty years after the zombie apocalypse swept across the globe nearly wiping out man kind, the human race takes back the planet. while out on patrol some officers stumble upon a boarded up circus tent in the middle of the woods. Breaking through the boarded up entrance an officer enters the tent.

Several hours pass and the officer never emerges. Phoning back into headquarters, a search party to investigate the old tent is formed. Your part of the party. Step right up for the final show under this big top.

This year’s haunt admission remains the same at $6 per person. Haunt is open during Zombiefest hours on Saturday October 15th from 2PM to midnight. see directions tab to find your way to the screams.